Roll up, roll up! Get’cher fresh Bard ‘ere!

roadhouse13BOOKINGS INQUIRIES: please email Chris. For whatever you’re after, songs or stories, solo or supported, please do get in touch by email or call Chris on 07518 054 916. He is always friendly and often hungry!

RATES ARE VERY FLEXIBLE depending on context, type of work, locational expenses and how much Chris likes you, so please enquire to get an accurate quote. As a guideline, his paid performances as a musician will usually cost £50 for a half-hour slot, £75 for anything up to an hour and £100+ for anything longer. Storytelling rates are somewhat cheaper, and band gigs somewhat more expensive.

IF YOU ARE BOOKING CHRIS TO TRAVEL for a solo performance, you should be aware that he will be coming on public transport and will therefore not have his own PA. A corner to sleep in will also be much appreciated if he’s leaving the Midlands, as this keeps the customers’ expenses down :)