Merry Band

The Merry Band is the name used by whatever group of musicians happen to be supporting Chris the Bard. When someone plays a gig with us, their picture and a brief bio will appear here.


Merry Bandits

Ian Fisher

(violin, arrangements) Ian FisherIan Fisher joined Chris’ first band, Pathwalkers, for his last year as a student of Music Composition at Coventry University. He played with Chris in that act for nearly two years, and with bassist Mikk Cooper founded the Merry Band when Pathwalkers went into hibernation. His violin parts define our arrangements of the traditional material in our sets, and his string arrangements for several of Chris’ original pieces have been a joy to work with. Ian works as an independent composer and performer in London trading as Ian Fisher (Composer) and is also a member of Salvage My Dream.

Mikk Cooper

(stand-up bass, set-lists) Mikk CooperOur Baron of Bass is more infamous for his part in the glam-metal conspiracy known as Lipshock. They ran for enough years that Mikk’s leather skirts and dapper hats are well known around the West Midlands. Mikk found himself looking for an outlet for his mellower side and after seeing Pathwalkers play in January 2013 he realised he’d found it. Mikk’s enthusaism and delight in the music has made him a pleasure to work with. Expanding the string sound on the traditional folk tunes and bringing the boogie to the swing and bluegrass numbers, Mikk provides the engine which drives the trio. And he’s a multi-talented chap for a bassist: he also does calligraphy, you know! ;)