Ad Astra - 'Technicalities'

Live @ the Roadhouse on Silver St. October 2014
Chris ‘the Bard’ Naden is a working musician, actor, storyteller and occasional seditious plasterer, currently at large in the Thames Valley. From 2012 to 2014 he worked on a musical collaboration with Chloe Juliette under the name Pathwalkers, playing traditional and original folk/fusion and Americana in Coventry and surrounding areas. Pathwalkers reached its destination in June 2014 and Chris now plays with the Merry Band. Chris is intermittently employed in Stratford-upon-Avon as a professional Shakespeare impersonator, actor and TIE facilitator for visiting schools. As a storyteller, his repertoire tends to the mythic and magical, relying mostly on tellings of English, Welsh and Ghanaian wisdom tales and ghost stories, plus a few new tales thrown into the mix. He is available for bookings either as a musician or as a storyteller / actor, and you can find details in the menu bar!

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